Answering Your Questions About Life in Costa Rica: February 2024 Edition

Pura vida to all of you who have watched our videos and commented or emailed in questions about moving to and living in Costa Rica. Each month we’re going to answer some of your questions. This month, we answer the following questions. Keep them coming!

1:28 Question 1: In terms of buying real estate for residency purposes, (as in it has to be worth $150k) how do you avoid overpaying for a property? For instance, I might see a property online for a certain price, but it might not appraise that way and could then fall short of what is needed for residency. Q: How do we avoid being Gringo priced for property? I am from the States but that doesn’t mean I am made of money. My mom plans to retire here, but she doesn’t want to spend all of her savings on a house and then have nothing to live on comfortably.

8:08 Question 2: I do HVAC for a living (fix/install anything heating and air conditioning) is finding work easy over there?

9:45 Question 3: For the investment visa, do I have to stay there for a full 180 days? Or can I come there every 5 months for one or two days and do that for 2 years until I get citizenship?

10:54 Question 4: What if you work remotely? Is that considered “working” on Costa Rica?

11:30 Question 5: Is it possible to open a bank account with only a tourist visa? You said it was hard to do. Is it impossible or do you just have to know what banks?

12:10 Question 6: Aaron and Patrick, your videos are by far the most comprehensive yet easy-going on YouTube. One thing I find missing in general, is good information about families relocating from North America to Costa Rica. As I’ve mentioned before, I have a family of six. My wife and I +4 daughters. Ages one year to 11 years old. I don’t see much of anything on YouTube that addresses the cost of a large family moving to or living in CR. Schools, rentals/purchase, five-six bedroom homes, etc. Do you have plans on covering these issues or topics? Even if you don’t, you have the best information so far. Thank you!!!

16:44 Question 7: Can US doctors transfer prescriptions to Costa Rican pharmacies?”

18:03 Question 8: What do you guys think about home dehumidifiers for those humid areas? Here in Texas, it gets hot and humid, so a dehumidifier is great for keeping the air inside comfortable and also helps us save money with lower AC bills. Can you find those out there or should I add that to the list of must-brings?

19:00 Question 9: I am wondering about shipping a couple of guns down there. I know some people don’t like this idea, and I’m not saying I would but as an option I’d like to know. In the little bit of time spent looking it seems its possible to do?

20:40 Question 10: How do you rate the internet and cell phone service? I am trying to decide between the two places and my top five priorities in order are: safety; cost of living; internet access/speed; residency requirements; and ease getting to/from the Eastern USA

23:15 Question 11: I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you guys do not speak spanish and only get your news from the english news sources here, because if you read the local news you would see that the violence is EVERYWHERE in the country, including the tiny little town I live in. Yes, most of the murders are related to drugs, but a lot of murders are also related to loansharking(drug money is loaned to people who can’t get loans from a bank). And when shootings take place, they happen in public and there is usually innocent people who get caught in the crossfire, including children. The main cause of all of this is that the judicial system here does not punish criminals, instead they play catch and release and let them back on the street within a few hours after being arrested. It’s not uncommon to see someone arrested who has been convicted multiple times for homicide, and then let loose again because the judge determined there was not enough evidence for them to remain in jail until their next court date.

27:00 Question 12: I’m female going to Costa Rica with my teen daughter 2/19 to 2/26- potentially investigating relocating over there- we travel often, but suddenly I’m very afraid of Costa Rica with the recent reports of crime- as solo females- we are flying into San Jose and moving on to Tamarindo- Im from NYC and pretty streetwise but any advice would be appreciated!

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