Comprehensive Scouting Service

You can’t see the real Costa Rica from a hotel pool. We create itineraries that help you experience the day-to-day life and communities that best fit you.

Find Your Community in Costa Rica

It all starts with a Zoom call with our team followed by a 124-point survey that allows us to get to see the real you and what you’re looking for.

We’ll work with you to build you an itinerary of regions, towns and communities to visit on a scouting trip, customized to you and your family's lifestyle and length of scouting trip.

We help you find non-hotel options that put you in the heart of the community, so you can experience true day-to-day life.

We’ll also send you to check out businesses and services your family would frequent if you lived there: grocery stores, healthcare facilities, schools, gyms, community centers, houses of worship, and more.

We’ll be by your side, available via email and scheduled calls before, during and after your trip.

Once you move to Costa Rica, we won't disappear. We'll provide one month of our Membership to ensure you settle in for a seamless transition.

Ready to make your dreams come true?

It all starts with a free 20-minute Zoom call.

Not the Zoom type? You can email us instead.

Why Your Pura Vida?

We've Been There

We’re expats in Costa Rica. We know what it’s like to dream of moving here but not know how to make it happen.

We Tailor to You

We’re working for your best interests, not trying to sell you a house. We offer an impartial, customized and comprehensive roadmap.

We're Well Connected

Our network spans Costa Rica. We are committed to connecting you with key resources that fit your needs. 

We Don't Sugar Coat

Life won’t be instantly perfect once you move. We’ll give you both the benefits and the challenges, so you can make informed decisions.

We're Fun

This process should be about dreaming of what life could be like. We’ll make it fun, along with giving you the serious points you need to consider.

We're Here After the Move

Once you’re in Costa Rica, we’re available for your day-to-day needs.

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Fill out this form or email us at hola@yourpuravida.com and we’ll get right back to you.
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