About YPV

Your Pura Vida was developed by a group of expats and native Costa Ricans.

We understand that living here isn’t like living in the States, Canada or Europe.  You are choosing to live in laid back Costa Rica.  And believe us, we’ve all experienced the challenges people face once they choose to call Central America their “nuevo hogar” — be it part- or full-time.

Working alongside some of the largest realtors and contractors in the country, we’ve seen time and time again the need for a nationwide network of vetted service providers — so we built Your Pura Vida.

We have only one focus: you and your ability to live your best life.  This is Costa Rica and many things don’t work the same way (because of both cultural and business norms) and that’s the reason for our service.  We don’t do the work for our clients; we give recommendations so our clients can feel stronger in their choices and vendors.  Be it helping our members with day-to-day tasks, to providing a full array of support, or helping specific issues that arise in the middle of the night, our bilingual support staff is here to be your partner.


Whether you’re a young family, retiree, adventurer, digital nomad, or something in between — we are here to help you turn your dream into reality, just as we have!


Are You a PuravidistSM?

In Costa Rica there are tourists, there are expats, then there are our members. Puravidists are people who don’t just want to have a home here, but want to truly live into your Pura Vida — a way of thinking about balance and priorities, and a reinvestment in quality of life. It means being part of your community. It means getting past the tour guide “gringo” recommendations. It means truly embracing the Costa Rica way of life. We are here to help you be your best, most energized Puravidist.


What People Are Saying

I’ve been working with homeowners in Costa Rica for more than 20 years and have seen so many mistakes because there wasn’t a one-stop support system. Your Pura Vida is that company.
Realtor, Escazú, Costa Rica

Many of my jobs are fixing problems caused by other service providers that weren’t really vetted properly. I’m excited to be affiliated with Your Pura Vida so I can do great work for people the first time.
Contractor, Heredia, Costa Rica

I wish YPV existed when I purchased and moved here. The number of vendors that didn’t do what I was hoping, or just didn’t show up is more than I can count on my hands. I’m a member of Your Pura Vida for good reason!
Homeowner, Playa Bejuco, Costa Rica