What We Believe

Your Pura Vida is building something unique in Costa Rica: a nationwide membership network of vetted service providers curated to make moving to Costa Rica and living in Costa Rica easier. Your Pura Vida helps our members — people relocating from other nations — live their best Pura Vida, by taking away much of the headache of finding reliable service providers across the country.

We are a community of PuravidistsSM: people who choose to live, work and thrive in Costa Rica, and who turn to our network to support and simplify the challenges that each of us faces living here.  

Our goals are simple:

  • Make the lives of our members easier to navigate
  • Give our members peace of mind
  • Help our members better adapt to, and thrive in the Costa Rican way of life.

What we believe:

  • Yes, you can hire someone to do all of this for you, but then you remain a tourist and not a Puravidist.  Thus, we don’t do the work for our members, but help them learn to do it for themselves. We also come alongside them with support and follow-up.  
  • Some things are big challenges, and other things are day-to-day annoyances.  To truly live here you need to be able to deal with them all. 
  • It’s not enough to live, we want our members to thrive. 
  • We believe everybody deserves to live their dream life, but sometimes you need help.
  • You cannot “go it alone” while moving to and living in Costa Rica.  We should learn from those that came before us and work with trusted vendors that both expats and locals find to be the best.

How we help:

  • Our team interviews local service vendors recommended across the country, finds those with the best quality and service, ensures they understand the standards of working with foreign customers, and supplies members with recommendations – and we follow up with members after each request to make sure expectations are met.
  • From our first onboarding and review of members’ potential needs, our team is here to give advice and experience on as many topics as we can.  We help members understand the nuances of the Costa Rica business community – allowing for better management of expectations and outcomes. 
  • Be it working with a plumber, gardener, or realtor, finding a bank or an attorney, buying a car or building a cabaña, or sourcing the right property manager or business advisor, Your Pura Vida helps our members simplify living (and working) in Costa Rica.
  • Our team continually vets providers in categories that span all facets of life across Costa Rica. No company is recommended without thorough review and referrals. 
  • We know that some issues happen at night and on weekends.  Our bilingual team is here to help members who choose this added service.
  • We also believe in growing the community — from meetups and online seminars to monthly discounts and deals, we strive to bring added value to our members to help build engagement and camaraderie.

We nurture PuravidistsSM

In Costa Rica there are tourists, there are expats, then there are our members. Puravidists are people who don’t just want to have a home here but want to truly live into their Pura Vida — a way of thinking about balance and priorities, and a reinvestment in quality of life. It means being part of your community. It means getting past the tour guide’s “gringo” recommendations. It means truly embracing the Costa Rica way of life. We are here to help you be your best, most energized Puravidist.