Sloths are Awesome! (a poem)

brown animal hanging on tree

In the lush jungles of Costa Rica,
Where the sun dapples the leaves,
Lives a creature so endearing,
That my heart simply heaves.

The sloth, with its furry coat,
And sleepy eyes so deep,
Moves at a pace so slow,
It’s like time has gone to sleep.

But in that gentle movement,
There’s a joy that fills the air,
As if the world has slowed down,
Just so we can stop and stare.

For the sloth is the personification,
Of the pura vida way of life,
A symbol of relaxation,
In a world filled with strife.

So let us take a lesson,
From the sloth’s peaceful ways,
And embrace the joy and wonder,
Of these creatures for all our days.

In the jungles of Costa Rica,
Where the sloths make their home,
Let us bask in their beauty,
And never feel alone.

– Patrick Jager, Your Pura Vida co-founder