Heredia, Costa Rica: Expat Living in Costa Rica’s City of Flowers

Heredia, Costa Rica, is affectionately known as the “City of Flowers,” owing to its breathtaking landscapes and stunning gardens that adorn the foothills of Barva Volcano. As a vibrant and dynamic suburb of greater San José, Heredia is an integral part of the larger Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM), which encompasses many of the Central Valley’s most densely populated communities.

The city is also home to the prestigious National University of Costa Rica, which is renowned for its world-class academic programs and cutting-edge research. The city offers a wealth of cultural, athletic, and natural beauty sites, making it a perfect spot for adventurous travelers and younger internationals looking for a new and exciting destination.

Thanks to its modern amenities and excellent shopping options, Heredia has become a popular destination for expats seeking a more relaxed lifestyle while remaining in close proximity to San José.